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Beatles/iTunes Announcement . . . Yawn

November 17th, 2010 No comments

As many of you know already Apple has come to an agreement to offer the Beatles catalog on iTunes just in time for the holidays, which of course is the only significant aspect of this agreement.

I read by one sloppy individual is that this was the CD Killer. If the CD wasn’t dead already, the Beatles catalog is surely not going to keep it from dying.

I read from another that it is the “Death of the Album” due to the fact that you have the opportunity of purchasing individual songs and album tracks, specifically the second half of Abbey Road would be lost by fans unwilling to pay inordinate amounts of money on tracks in most cases lasting less than 2 minutes. Again, it is almost as if the media has nothing to report on.

The Beatles were the last ones to the party, and will enjoy the bottom of the keg, a couple cold appetizers and a party where most of the individuals won’t think twice about their inclusion on the iTunes Store.

How can the Beatles make a difference?

Not knowing what is available in the Beatles vaults the true test of their ability to grow in the modern music environment is to offer the ability to remix the songs with the individual tracks, vocals, guitars, drums, .etc, broken down.  The Beatles have been performed every which way, jazz, classical, bluegrass, acoustically. Why not allow for a younger generation of artists take this music and reinvent it?

Need proof? The Grey Album, which was halted by the lawyers became one of the  most downloaded albums in history.

This would be a starting point for the Beatles to enter the 21st Century properly.

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