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Clinton Supporters Messed Up

I think that the first question you have to ask yourself is why you are supporting Hillary Clinton.

Are you supporting her because she is a female?

If so then what does that mean to you? Do you believe that her being female that she will support women’s rights? If so what exactly does that mean?

Having anger or spite over an election that was clearly lost is not the same as feeling that you have somewhat been stolen the election which was clearly not the case. Say what you want about Florida and Michigan but both of those states should and will not come into play. This is nobody’s fault. This was not Barack’s fault or even the Democratic Parties fault.

If it is about her being a woman then is it all about that or something else? Is the belief that she will support womens rights and if so will John McCain do a better job of this in the future?

Voting for spite based on an election Clinton clearly lost is not smart when it comes to your future as well as your family and friends.

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