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Michael Moore vs. CNN

Michael Moore is an idiot. I applaud him for attacking the healthcare industry but all too much he likes to package healthcare into a neat package that is seemingly easy for good ole Americans to understand.

Michael Moore was on Larry King tonight debating with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the medical correspondent for CNN over some of the facts and figures that Michael Moore claimed that CNN had ambushed over a piece that Gupta ran on Sicko.

I admire Michael Moore for standing up for what he believes but arguing with individuals such as Gupta is just pointless. The argument over Cuba is ridiculous. Sure Cubans don’t have to pay that much for healthcare and it doesn’t really matter what statistics that Gupta or Moore were bringing up. The fact is that due to Fidel Castro’s policies of preventing Cubans from leaving the country, there would be no way that Cuban doctors could survive with that cheap of healthcare without Communist policies. Once they open the borders, Cuban physicians would flee and the result would be inflation.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta clearly beat up Michael Moore in their war of words, flustering Michael Moore on several points such as his belief that countries that have government sponsored healthcare get it for free.

I think that Michael Moore has a way of making things look black and white.

Gupta agreed with Michael Moore’s belief that ther are problems with healthcare. Working in the healthcare industry myself I am inclined to believe both of them but I also caution that healthcare is not an easy switch that we can turn on and off. It’s a very complex issue that goes way beyond just the issue of commercial vs. social medicine.

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