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The Day After – My Thoughts Through Music

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When tragedy hits we are at loss for words. We often feel pain without an outlet to express that pain, albeit tears, sadness and despair.

We might look to blame others for the tragedy via simplistic measures; the easy way to come to terms with issues which are often very complex.

For me, I have often felt as if these tragedies put me in a state of purgatory, not sure where I left from or where I am going. It’s also a time that I have looked to music as the source or inspiration for what I might feel at the time. Today seemed to be one of those days.


I admit that there are moments that just seemed to make sense though. As I was fumbling through my brain this morning, I thought of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ as that poignant song to reflect on the events of yesterday and before I knew it, it came true.

I do not think that there is much to be said here.


It seemed fitting in the midst of my state of mind, that I turned on Radiohead’s “OK Computer’ as the Saturday Morning Breakfast Album. Much of Radiohead’s music falls into the “Sky is Falling” mentality and yet there is a certain beauty to their presentation, especially on OK Computer.

As I started the day in zombie-like status, it’s gray outlook seemed fitting for the otherwise beautiful sunny morning in Chicago.

And yet, there are mixes such as the one below for Paranoid Android, that capture so much emotional for me. Taking a song and creating a mix based on various performances of it grasps so much energy.

So fitting.

Bob Marley

“Don’t worry, about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright”

During snack time in the Zimmermann household, we were in the kitchen and listening to WXRT and Bob Marley and The Wailer’s ‘Three Little Birds’ was being played and there was a sense of hope in the air.

Before we knew it, Dylan was singing along and it was repeated several times during dinner based on Dylan’s request.

I thought about all the messages, the Facebook posts on the subject of the Paris bombings, the changes to avatars showing the French flag, that in the midst of the sadness, there was a lot of love. The only way to combat hate is not through guns, fear, vengeance and anger but love.


“Not everyone can carry the weight of the world”

Another surprise from WXRT as I was putting Dylan down to bed. Since Dylan listens to WXRT when he goes to bed, R.E.M.’s ‘Talk About The Passion’ was the song of choice.

Although the song is about hunger, the lyric above, to me, sums up an important aspect of any tragedy is that we feel sometimes helpless. Living in a metropolis like Chicago, going to restaurants and bars, to concerts and sporting events are things that we take for granted.

We chose to live in the city of Chicago so that we are not isolated from the rest of the world. We chose to live in the city so that our son experiences different cultures other than being White. We embrace the idea of being around so many different ethnicities and cultures, experiencing their food, walking in their neighborhoods and seeing the love that exists.

While these events are a reminder that our world is not always safe we cannot live in fear. We cannot run away from our way of life. Love will win in the end.

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