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Blurring of Religious Beliefs Becoming Burdensome for Romney

Mitt Romney wants to be the religious conservative that is not a religious conservative.  Mormonism has also become a very difficult issue for Americans and Romney to deal with. While Kennedy might have had problems being a Roman Catholic in the 60s, I think that the difference between Catholicism and Mormonism is that Mormonism is slightly askew in its beliefs, especially the issue of Polygamy, as well as some of the views of the Mormon Religion which is not truly Protestant or Catholic but falls outside both of these groups. Mormons in their own way are looked at as a “Cult” in some sects of the Christian faith and by these same people not really considered Christians whatsoever.

While all three groups do share the bible as a source for their beliefs, Mormons also use the book of Mormon and that is where the problems truly exist.

How do you pretend to be a man of faith within a party of faith that does not trust your faith?

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