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Day 1 – Enter on Sleater-Kinney Road and Accelerate

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As many of you know, song titles starting with articles i.e. “A”, do not appear alphabetically when sorting from A to Z, or so I thought.

Sleater-Kinney however, pulled off a punk move by being the first song on my iPod alphabetically going completely against the logic built into the iPod and showing up as numero uno. ‘A New Wave’ would be the appropriate genesis: ‘Die to prove we ever lived this/Invent our own kind of obscurity’.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Sleater-Kinney and for giggles I often include them in non-sequitor phrases such as “I had buttered popcorn with Sleater-Kinney last night”. All of a sudden buttered popcorn is a winner.

It’s sorta the fucked up nature of rock and roll is that for every Nickelback in the universe, there is a Sleater-Kinney.

That being said….

There are times that you get stuck putting a song on your iPod via children’s request. The ‘Best of Sesame Street’ was an addition made around when Dylan was one and a half and we were planning on taking a road trip to Colorado. As a recommendation to any parent, it is important to carry enough music so that you do not have a child freaking out in the backseat in the middle of a 10-hour drive. While it is suitable to contain enough albums to calm down a young child, you should not carry too much as to overwhelm mom and dad. Soon, Bert’s ‘Doin the Pigeon’ turns into sexual birdsploitation song.

As a business note: since I have been monitoring (for my own sake) where I have been starting and stopping while in transit, I figure that I would also post that information here to give a random sense of a couple songs for the day.

• Sleater-Kinney – A New Wave
• Big Bird – ABC-DEF-GHI
• Cults – Abducted
• Mission of Burma – Academy Fight Song

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